CHRISTOPHER PHILLIPS, curator at the International Center of Photography, will speak about artists around the world who are no longer concentrating their efforts on self-contained disciplines such as painting, sculpture, drawing, video, or photography.  Instead, their art practice more and more frequently involves working simultaneously multiple mediums.  Phillips will examine the work of contemporary artists whose creations take shape in a surprising array of mediums.


Design Engineering: a third culture?

HANIF KARA, celebrated designer, entrepreneur, structural engineer, and a current professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Design will speak at the inaugural GALLERY WEEKEND KUALA LUMPUR Luminary Pulse Program.  Kara  will speak on the value of informed multidisciplinary practices and the impact of these practices for sustainable place-making and design-based development.



As an institution entrenched in the teachings of Buddhist philosophy, SGM is dedicated to the spread of wisdom, altruism, and beauty. This philosophy bleeds into their Gallery Weekend exhibition Discovering Beauty. Bringing together over 50 diverse artworks, the collection encourages seeking beauty in our surroundings and the everyday mundane.

See their exhibition here


An independent art space that seeks to promote Malaysian arts alongside their Southeast Asian counterparts, HOM Art Trans offers programming to local artists, including a Residency, The Art Fund, and The Art Award.

Their exhibition SAGER: Ties of Tengara is an alumni show, featuring the participants of a group residency hailing from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The exhibition will take place at the National Visual Arts Gallery.



Set in a lush and charming bungalow built in the 1960’s, Taksu is one of the oldest private gallery in Kuala Lumpur. In conjunction with Gallery Weekend Kuala Lumpur, the gallery invites art enthusiasts for a viewing of contemporary artworks by both emerging and established Malaysian artists.

The exhibition offers an insight and significant opportunity to engage with local works of art that demonstrate their makers’ progress in technique, concept, medium and commentaries. Artists featured in this 3-day exhibition are Fauzulyusri, Seah Zelin, Najib Bamadhaj, Fazrin Abd Rahman, Zulkifli Lee and Fendy Zakri.


Like many of the participating galleries in Gallery Weekend, G13 is dedicated to growth and appreciation of Asian art. Their upcoming exhibition Carbon Copy will shine the spotlight on ASEAN printmakers, featuring six artists together representing Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

The exhibition brings together different techniques of printmaking, blending the traditional with the contemporary to showcase variety in the discipline.

A curator-lead tour will be conducted on Sunday, November 27th. See their website for more details about the exhibition and profiles of participating artists.


NN presents a new exhibition for GWKL.
Langkasuka – Sacred and Profane’ is a showcase of works by master carvers Noorhaiza Noordin and the late Nik Rashiddin. The exhibition serves to bring forth the rich legacy of Nusantara culture and history through the forgotten empire of Langkasuka.

Complementing the masterpieces are the etchings of Ilse Noor, from her seminal series on historical buildings found in Malaysia.

The exhibition provides a view of Malaysian history, culture and tradition through the eyes and hands of celebrated and distinguished artisans.