Krishna Choudhary

Collector, Advisor, 10th Generation Royal Jeweller

Son of Santi Choudhary (founder of Royal Gems & Arts), Krishna Choudhary has admirably nurtured important characteristics from his prestigious lineage, not least a passion for historical artefacts from his homeland, as well as an expert eye for rare gemstones. Having been exposed to the finest of jewelry for most of his life, Krishna Choudhary now promotes the authenticity-driven methodology of sourcing old stones that were mined 150 years ago to be the star of his modern renditions. By imagining what kind of jewels these rare minerals would inspire today, he strives to create a collection that celebrates India’s craft and ritual traditions but in a contemporary way. In the same way Mughal artisans would create composite designs of natural patterns – e.g. idealized hybrid flowers – and play with a fluid sense of symmetry, Krishna Choudhary explores equally modern and ancient patterns (with a predilection for chevron motifs), pairing geometry with movement. Counterbalancing the erudition at play is a sense of grace, and all this inventiveness and skill serve a higher agenda: elevating private high jewelry to new heights.