Muhammad Syed

Journalist, Writer, Lawyer

Muhammad Syed is an ardent writer, with published works in newspapers and journals. He is the Fashion Editor for Cambridge University Varsity Publications where he is especially keen on spotlighting creatives and recently interviewed New York Times Journalist, Elizabeth Paton. He chose to read law at Cambridge, in part, to inform his interest in Public Law and Human Rights. His article on religious freedom in Malaysia will be published in the Cambridge University Human Rights Law Journal, of which he is Chief Editor. He continues to be greatly interested in platforms for creative feature, and as an active committee member of the Cambridge Union, he shares his deep interest in museum curation, collections, content and contemporary engagement with varied forms of aesthetic. His curiosity for exploring diverse topics has informed his writing and perspectives. He sees the creative and multi-disciplinary engagement as another valuable approach to communication and expression, to be developed responsibly and responded to accordingly.