26 NOV- 6 DEC





Yeoh Xin Yi

Xin Yi is an avid arts enthusiast, from pursuing arts as an interest, to being a collector, and proponent in the Malaysian art scene as a co-founder in passion project Sembilan Art Residency Program. She is most interested in discovering new artists, mediums and progressive ideas that reflect imaginative interpretations of current issues. After explor-ing various other forms of expressive mediums such as music and theatre, her attention and passion still reverted to the visual arts as the most expressive form of communica-tion. Yeoh loves collecting works of any form and size that tell interesting stories, in-trigues and fascinates the mind. Most works she has amassed are humourous in nature, or have a positive twist to dark topics. Her recent collections include works of structural paper forms, print on aluminium, mixed medium collages, recycled and works of other natural organic media.